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Company Headshots - Quick Info

Align the brand with the look 

Location: Your offices or nearby studio

Photographing: 10-15 minutes with each person, focusing on posing and expression so everyone learns how to look their best

Shortlisting: Each employee chooses their own photograph

Photoshopping: Skin blemishes removed, teeth slightly whitened and colour discolouration fixed

Nationwide Company Headshots

Headshots for organisations with multiple offices 

For photography needs in multiple locations of offices, sites or projects, there is the Commercial Photographers Network.

The CPN is a nationwide group of photographers who work as one coordinated team to service the complex needs of nationwide organisations. 

As a single supplier of photography, we can  offer a consistent style of photos, a single point of contact and a pre-negotiated rate card for all offices.

Corporate headshots at your offices - why not a studio?


We can do both!  Using your offices means the employees being photographed don't have to go far.  Less time is spent travelling and more time can be spend on their work.  It's also an environment where people are relaxed which helps them look their best in a photograph.


A studio is always an option.  There are plenty nearby to most offices that can be hired out at reasonable prices.  The main benefit of London headshots in a studio if the company meeting room isn't blocked off for photography all day, leaving your office to operate in the usual way.

How much does London headshot photography cost?


The age old question!  How long is a piece of string.

The cost of a good London headshot photographer will range from £750-£1800 for the day. 

A half day of corporate headshot photography in London is £400-£1100 

The price of headshot photography in cities like Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool ranges from £650 - £750 per day

The price of headshot photography in cities likeCambridge, Brighton, Milton Keynes ranges from £600 - £700 per day

My prices range from £750-£1100 for a full day, and £450-£700 for a half day.

How long does headshot photography take?


There is a very easy calculation here: more time = better looking photos. 

10-15 minute headshots

The ideal time it takes for a corporate headshot is 10-15 minutes.  It gives a photographer time to work with their subject on posing and expression, sharing tips and tricks so each person looks their best.  We're looking for ways to finely tune the headshot to bring the best out of everyone.


5-10 minute headshots

When larger London companies hire us to capture corporate headshots of 75-200 employees, we have to work quicker. Often taken over a few days, the number headshots means we have to be precise and efficient with how we spend our time.

The headshots on this scale have to be cost effective, as well as looking good.

How to look good in a company headshot


All photographers will work differently - here's how Simon Callaghan Photography takes headshots!


People have no idea how to pose in front of a camera - and why should they! But models and photographers do.  We have techniques for everything; sharpening up  jawlines, smiling with your eyes,  minimising personal insecurities (one ear bigger than the other etc) or making the non-photogenic, photogenic.

There's a toolkit of solutions we use for every headshot. You're not expected to know anything. 


Your expression has to be your own. We'll work with you and test out expressions to see which you like most, during the photo review stage. Practice your expression in a mirror, see what works best.  It might sound vein to read as advice -but you know we've all done it! 


Avoid wearing all black.  For headshot photography, black photographs poorly.  However put with a contrasting lighter colour and it looks great!

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