London Show Home Photographer

London Show Home Photography: Four Bedroom Home

Show Home Photographer

Most show homes are styled to perfection. As the prep work is done, more time can be dedicated to taking high quality show home photography for luxury developments.

The Campaign

This property was one of two photographed homes for this housing development. The brief was for 'hero shots only' that would be used for both brochure and online advertising.

London Show Home Photographer

I photograph show homes and marketing suites in London and beyond. My client base is in London are often luxury apartment blocks with elaborate marketing suites and gorgeous lobbies. Outside of London tends to be more spacious homes. 

Show Home Living Room Photography

This L shaped living room / kitchen-diner offers the best of both worlds; open plan for socialising and closed interior bi-folding doors for separation. In photographing this show home living room, it was important to demonstrate this feature. We also wanted to show the abundance of natural light pouring in from the bay windows garden windows. 


Show Home Kitchen & Utility Room Photography

Photographing this show home kitchen was made far easier by the stylist / interior designer creating a beautifully balanced room. The neutral cream colouring naturally compliments the grey worktop, while the yellow and orange add a much needed spots of colour to the scene.

This photography styling helps take the kitchen photograph well designed, functional image,  into a lifestyle photography feel. When marketing the show home, these elements allow potential home owners to envisage a lifestyle they can potentially enjoy.


Show Home Kitchen Diner & Dining Room Photography

This home has the luxury of an open plan kitchen diner, and a separate dining room. The goal of show home photography is to highlight the home in the most effective way possible. For this double dining table, we chose to show the dining room as a solo photograph and to photograph the kitchen-diner to show the flow of the room. The show home brochure can then show two separate photographs, one with a dining table dominating the scene, the other with a dining table as part of a wider room. Graphically, this makes a huge difference.


Show Home Entrance Hall & Hallway Photography

Photographing the entrances halls and upstairs landings would usually not take place. They're a little awkward, and tend not to make the best photographs. For show home photography however, they're invaluable.  Showing off extra space, how rooms relate to one another and how light floods through the home can bring immense value to the marketing of a show home.


Show Home Bedroom Photography

This gorgeous kids bedroom was the highlight of the bedrooms. This green and light wood/creme theme makes for a beautifully styled room. With views across the hallway, you can picture the sibling rivalry fights already! This show home was a pleasure to photograph.

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