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Quick Guide to Architectural Photography 


Photographing on site as part of a team or on solo assignments

Typically 8-12 images per day

Delivery in 7-14 days, depending on the time of year

Invoicing - 50% deposit   

Assistants/Stylists  - hired on a project by project basis

Extra licensing for contractors / suppliers available

Architectural Photography, London


Being a London architectural photographer is an enormously broad term, with many definitions of what it is, and how the photography should therefore look. Photographing London architectural projects (typically) are usually co-funded by numerous stakeholders e.g. architects, contractors, interior designers, lighting specialists etc who each want the photographs to emphasise their product or contribution.  

On this page we try to break down the types of clients we work with, and how the photography changes for each stakeholder

London Architectural Photographer

Simon Callaghan 


Though based in London, the interiors & architectural photography projects I'm hired for span the entire UK & Ireland.

Capturing the artificial landscape brings a unique set of photographic challenges. Whether producing show home interior photography for property developers,  exterior photography of retail parks or the delivering the complex range of imagery that hotel photography demands, every project requires a unique set of solutions to produce the best architectural photography possible.

Working directly with architects, developers, hotels & show homes to produce a set of images all parties can use, with individual licenses produced. 

How much does London architectural photography cost?


How much architectural photographers or interiors photographers charge is a  broad range.  It varies on a photographers skillset, client base, reputation, and in some cases, even their instagram following.

A London architectural photographer can cost £800 - £2000 per day

Architectural photography in cities like Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool will cost £700 - £1800 per day

Architectural photography in places like Cambridge, Brighton, Milton Keynes will cost £650 - £1500 per day

My fees are £750 - £950 per day

These costs will vary depending on the type of space, technical complexity involved, the industry type and the possibility of multiple commissions each year.

Luxury Hotel Photography

Being a hotel photographer in London or anywhere requires planning, preparation and an ability to stay up late!


How to Photograph a Hotel

Above all, the hotel needs to function as a hotel while the photoshoot is taking place.  Guests should be unaware of the photoshoot and areas that need to be photographed e.g. F&B, spa facilities, reception must all stay open.  It's our job to work around the hotels needs and photograph where we can, when we can.


Sticking to Hotel Photography Budgets

Hotel photoshoots often have a budget, usually one to three days. To maximise the time spent taking photographs, we enlist the hotel staff to prepare each area; from setting out conference facilities to cleaning bedrooms windows, often days before the photoshoot takes place. This saves the photographer time and saves the hotel money as we can fit more photography into a single day.


How to Prepare for Hotel Photography

On the day of the photoshoot, the hotel is fully prepped for the photography. All the operational staff know exactly what I need for each area, the time I’ll be photographing and when the area will be available again. This is all clearly communicated in a pre photoshoot meeting, with a timed schedule sent to all parties.  Sounds a little draconian, but when everyone is on board, we get so much more accomplished! 


How Much does a Hotel Photographer Cost?

These costs will vary depending on the type of hotel you have (spas, conference facilities), what type of industry you're in (luxury vs budget) and how many hotels you need photographed each year.

My prices are £775 - 950 per day

But as a general guide, here are some industry averages: 

The typical cost of a London hotel photographer is £850 - £1250 per day.

Hotel photography cities Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool will cost £800 - £1000 per day.

Hotel photography in towns like Cambridge, Brighton orMilton Keynes will cost £750 - £950 per day.

London Show Home Photography


Photographing show homes is the perfect day. The homes are beautifully styled and impeccably clean, allowing more time to be spent on capturing high quality photography.  


How to Photograph a Show Home

Photographs for show homes should be simple and elegant, showing the light and space that prospective owners can see themselves enjoying. We place emphasis on capturing the flow of one area into another, to show how the space can be used.


How Much is a Show Home Photographer?

This depends on your brand, the potential customer market and location.  It's recommended to finalise the fee before any photoshoot :)

High end luxury show home photography will cost £850 - £1200 per day

Mid-range show home photography costs £750 - £1100 per day

Flat / apartment photography will cost £650 - £950 per day


My show home photography fees are £775 - £950 per day

London Landscaped Garden Photographer


I'm fortunate enough to work with some extremely talented landscape garden designers. Photographing the finished gardens is a balance of showing their design, while try to catch the atmosphere and feeling of being in the space.


How to Photograph a Landscaped Garden

When buying properties, it's location location location.  When photographing landscaped gardens, it's timing timing timing. We strive for the perfect conditions - sun in the right place, low wind, no rain! But we have so little control of the outside elements that can make or break our shot.


Twilight Garden Photographs

Ooooo these are fun to produce!  Take a quick look below at the scrolling twilight photographs that bring out the lighting.  Eye catching work to show off the garden designs!


How much is a Landscaped Garden Photographer?

It's hard to find a price range for photographers who specialise in landscaped garden photography, specifically for landscape garden designers rather than industry magazines...

Landscape garden photography fees are £450 - £750 per day

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