Acoustiguide: Product Launch

Launching the Opus+


Acoustiguide provides hardware for self-tours in museum & heritage sites across Europe.

Acoustiguide are based in London with an annual turnover of £2.5m

The Campaign

Acoustiguide had a twofold marketing campaign

1. Attract new top tier clientele

2. New product launch

Creative Details

People: Myself + Head of marketing

ModelEileen Kaimakidi Kay

Location: Stonehenge & Roman Baths

Post Production: Simon Callaghan

The Photoshoot

With continual heavy rain and an all access pass to Stonehenge revoked from waterlogged ground, the meticulous plan for this photoshoot disappeared.  This became our motivation as the boot straps were pulled up and we went in search of a new series of photographs. We wanted to show the wonder and splendour of learning something new for the first time; the concentration and fascination, all while being surrounded by beautiful and intriguing  on-brand environments.
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