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London Commercial Photographer Simon Callaghan

Commercial photography in London creates a broad range of fun and challenging opportunities. Creating commercial photography for corporate advertising ties a creative freedom with the confines of brand guidelines to get the business message across in a fresh, new way. 

What is a commercial photographer?

Commercial photography is the production of photographs for commercial purposes i.e. to help something sell. Often commercial photography is part of a wider marketing campaign. For photographers, commercial photography is a mix of photographic niches and techniques. We blend skills from environmental portraits,  product photography, architectural and editorial to deliver photographs that hit the briefs and stay on brand, all while adding our own creative stamp. 

Planning a Commercial Photography Photoshoot

Purpose  |  Plan  |  Brief  |  Photoshoot  |  Debrief

Commercial photoshoots are expensive, often having multiple moving parts and require time, effort and resources to produce the best results. 

Get your photographer on board early. From styling advice to trouble shooting logistics, we can bring knowledge to the table that can save time and money.

Once a brief has been finalised, we produce a timetable for all to work from; a detailed picture of how the photoshoot will go. It's a final confirmation that everyone knows their roles on the day, the timings and potential pinch points.

Fees of a London Commercial Photographer

London prices range from £500 for a student photographer, to £5000 (per day) for our top end industry leaders.  

My commercial photography day rate is £750 - £1100 per day

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