The Open Market - Simon Callaghan Photography

The Open Market

A Photographer's Perspective

Lines, angles, perspectives...Loved it!  Wonderful place to photograph.  However it's not without it's trickery.

The Brighton Open Market was photographed over four sessions, yet the images you see here are 95% from one session.  Why?  Light vs. People.

Light - The Open Market signs are an array of darkly framed gorgeous colours, which when back lit or juxtaposed onto a lighter background create a wonderful glow.  Only available during summer at around 5:45am!

People - Despite the lovely morning light, a market is designed for a function.  To be busy.  Without people, there is no life no the building.  People bring activity and colour and show purpose to the design. Finding the right level of business 'busy-ness' was key. Not too empty, not too packed.  Juuuuuust right :)

The Open Market

- Cover Market, two stories

- 45 permanent market stalls

- 12 small workshops at first floor level

- 87 affordable housing units built

Architectural photographs of the finished market

The Market Rational

Some lovely Open Market spiel, lifted shamefully from the Open Market Website:

"The historic Open Market underwent a major redevelopment in 2014 and is now home to over 50 of Brighton’s most talented and knowledgeable local producers and creators.

With a strong focus on fresh nutritious foods and ethical products, the market has a range of traditional market stalls—butcher, fishmonger, eggs, fruit and veg—as well as cafes, art, crafts, fashions, antiques, haberdashery, tools, garden goods and more.

The Open Market is proudly located on London Road, one of the most vibrant and eclectic areas in Brighton."

Photograph by Simon Callaghan

Welcome to the photographs:

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