Desires, Dreams & Real Business

Brighton Summit 2016

Every business starts with desire

"At the Brighton Summit, you’ll explore those desires. Learning from and with successful business leaders, you’ll be challenged to meet your existing dreams and inspired to create new ones. You’ll hear extraordinary speakers and join practical workshops. You’ll do things you never thought you’d do at a business conference. You’ll talk with us about vision and success, challenge and risk."

Can I use these photographs!?

Yes!  But...'ll need to credit me by putting a link on your website that clicks through to this website.

E.g. 'Photo by Simon Callaghan' is perfect! But just 'Photo by Simon Callaghan' (without a clickable link) is not so great :-(

Email Me

If you'd like to use the photographs, drop me an email and I'll send you a link to the DropBox folder :-) 

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