Annual Conference 2017 - Simon Callaghan Photography

Annual Conference 2017

British Society of Gene & Cell Therapy

UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Meeting

The Programme

"Centred around “hot topics” in gene and cell therapy, as well as regenerative medicine with talks delivered by leading national and international experts in the field. Specific aims of the meeting include (a) to provide a forum for discussion, (b) to foster collaborations and (c) to identify common hurdles that slow the development of these advanced therapeutic medicinal product." 

Can I use these photographs?


1) Downloads & prints can be quickly and easily purchased on this site

2) Email me and I can send you the photographs. You'll just need to credit this website :-)

How this pages works...two parts!

First part is the Highlights Gallery: Ideal to keep up to speed during the day. Scroll down to get a taste of the event. The photographs will load as you scroll.

Second part is the Day Galleries. If you just want to see more and more, click to see all the photographs from that day.

Day Galleries

Highlights Gallery

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