ABPCO Excellence Awards 2017

Association of British Professional Conference Organisers

Our Finalists

Best Conference by an In-House Conference Organiser - Macmillan, NCRI and RCN Best

Conference by an Agency Conference Organiser - Bioscientifica, MCI and Hampton Medical

Best Industry PartnershipAECC, Shocklogic and Visit Belfast

Chairperson's Award - Madalina 'The Amazing' Marincas

Can I use these photographs!?

Yes! Drop me an email and I'll send you the photographs :-) 

Click here to email me

Pretty Please, Simon; Can We Hire You!?

Well shucks, of course you can! I travel all over Europe for conferences & my key feature is that EVERY photograph is uploaded by 9am the next day. I work with a many ABPCO members if you'd like a reference :-) 

Click here to check out some of my conference photographs from 2017

The Photographs

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