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Simon Callaghan

That's me, trying to remember all the posing tips I give models and clients, trying to correct my posture without looking through the camera.

...not sure I did a particularly good job!  Professional selfies are not that easy! 

A Little About Me:
Before moving to London, the career has taken me from suburban Cambridge to the bright lights of New York and the sunny south coast of Brighton. Photography takes me all over Europe. The latest life-chapter has me living and working back in London.

For many photographers, the trade of photography is what we love and through it we make our way in the world. It's an evolving skill that develops and improves to keep us on our toes. It requires hard work, investment and some personal sacrifices. But it's all worth it.

Nick Callaghan

A fantastic photographer in his own right, Nick brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. He shoots with a similar style and approach, creating a seamless service.  

How he fits in

Nick's on hand for larger jobs requiring multiple photographers. He also stands in to cover photoshoots should Simon already be booked.

Nick's Website




Richard Jackson Video

Richard has over ten years of video production experience and recently embraced his entrepreneurial nature, starting Richard Jackson Video in 2016.

How he fits in

He's my recommended go-to videographer. We work seamlessly together on set/location, helping one another with planning, shooting etc. 

Richard's website


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