Kaley & Sam - Simon Callaghan Photography

Kaley & Sam

Welcome to the Franks' Wedding Photographs!


Father of Bride: Sean Cornelius

Mother of Bride: Belinda Cornelius

Father of Groom: John Franks

Mother of Groom: Nick Franks


Logan Newington (Bestman)

Oke Dafe

Dwayne Cornelius

Rory Morgan

Happy Couple

Bride: Kaley Cornelius

Groom: Sam Franks

Ceremony: Ockenden Manor

Reception: Queen's Hall

Date: 23rd August 2014


Alison Stanton (Chief)

Hannah Bennett

Ellen Franks

Beth Franks

Ellie Hancock


Photographer/best looking male:  Simon Callaghan

Head Photographic Assistant: Tim (Lee)

T'was an absolute pleasure to photograph the wedding day of my two friends;  Sam & Kaley you were splendiferous to capture! 

Many thanks to all the wonderful, lovely guests who were such a pleasure to photograph all day.  

Please share this page with everyone you can so nobody misses out :)

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Photograph by Simon Callaghan