Domenica & Paul - Simon Callaghan Photography

A Brighton wedding of bandstands, beach huts & sunsets

Domenica & Paul's Wedding Photographs

Note From Simon

It’s a wonderful privilege to photograph a wedding. But when the happy couple just so happen to be your friends, it’s made that little bit more special.

Mim & Paul you’re both amazing, wonderful people. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

A Little About the Day

A Brighton wedding? On the beach? In summer? Ooo; suits you, sir!

Weeks of rain, a forecast of wedding day thunderstorms and the windiest wind available; this special day could have so easily been so very different. Perhaps it was Paul's Irish luck or Dom's meticulous planning, but for a brief 24 hour spell the weather changed; the rain stopped, the sun shone and the seagulls squawked.

A good marriage omen for these two wonderful people!

The Creative Team

A huge thank you and congratulations to the amazing creative team who helped make this day so amazing. 

Photographer: Simon Callaghan Photography

Venue: The View Bar & Restaurant     Flowers: Go Botanica

DressOcean Bridal Studio     Suit: Gresham Blake Ltd

Caters: Vintage Scoops     Caters: Moby Dicks

Enjoy the photographs!  Please share this page with family and friends!

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