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The Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is something I offer as part of any wedding, completely for free.  

     What is it?

An engagement shoot captures beautiful images of you as a happy couple. It's a couple of hours on a sunny day, learning how to have your picture taken.   And it's good fun!

     Why do it?

It builds your confidence in being photographed, learning what looks best. We start slowly with posing groundworks and build you up with simple tips, tricks and techniques. You'll even get a chance to play photographer and pose your partner! 

After the session you will:

- Be comfortable being photographed

- Know what looks good and how to achieve it

- Have some beautiful images

- Have a photographer who understands you both

*c* Simon Callaghan Photography
*c* Simon Callaghan Photography

     Why is it free?

It's free because it's so important!

     So why is it Important?

For several reasons. It's a kind of semi dress rehearsal for your wedding. Here are just a handful of reasons:

    1) It gives the three of us the chance to get to know each other

    2) I learn about your relationship and how to best capture it

    3) You become comfortable with me and the camera

    4) The pictures will have different styles - you choose which you like most

     In Short...

...on your wedding day you're comfortable with me, confident being photographed and we're finely tuned on exactly how you'd like your wedding day to be captured.

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