2014 - Simon Callaghan Photography

UK Yoga Championships 2014

Welcome to the photographs of the National UK Yoga Championships 2014

A huge huge HUGE congratulations to all the athletes who entered. Competitors overcame nerves, stage lights and an onlooking audience to demonstrate their amazing talents and ability to a judging panel.

The competition took place on 15 February '14 in central London, with over 50 competitors registered in Youth, Male and Female categories. And as the photographs show, the level of ability was staggering. 


UK Yoga Sports Federation announced the exciting news of an INTERNATIONAL competition being held for the first time in London! May/June 2014. Keep an eye on their website for more announcements.

Special thanks to:

- Rajesh Choudhary - UKYSF

- Ayesha Nauth - 2013 female winner

- Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts - Bikram Yoga Brighton owner & UKYSF Treasurer

- The organising team, judging panel, sponsors and one amazingly supportive audience

Your 2014 Champions

Every single athlete was absolutely incredible. Whispers from the viewing audience gave no clue who produced the best display, but somehow the judges chose. Congratulations to the 2014 UK Champions:

Youth Winner - Marianna Massaccesi

Male Winner - Michael Eley

Female Winner - Sally Miller

The Photographs!

TWO sets of images

BELOW are the highlights, a kind of best-of. To the RIGHT is a gallery for all the positions demonstrated by the competitors. 

To generate interest in the UK National Yoga Championships, please share this page with those in your yoga-sphere.

Feel free to use these images for personal use. If you would like to use these images for  promotion, publication or advertising, please contact me first - as you'll need a license :)

Click for all the athletes' positions

The Photographic Highlights

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