M&H Awards 2014 - Simon Callaghan Photography

Museum & Heritage Awards 2014

Welcome to the photographs!

Museum & Heritage

This event was managed and run by the amazing team at Museum & Heritage. Please take a look at their website for more information:

Museum & Heritage Trade Show

Museum & Heritage Awards

Museum & Heritage Advisor

The Awards

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Well done to all nominees and notable mentions.

The beautiful 8 Northumberland Avenue venue near London's Trafalgar Square played host to the twenty second Museum & Heritage Awards.  A huge thank you to the delightful Sue Perkins  who compared our evening, announcing twelve awards to the lucky recipients. 

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These pictures are complimentary thanks to Museum & Heritage. Any personal use of the images is welcomed.  For commercial use, please email me first - you'll just need to provide a hyperlink to my website on any webpage you use the photograph on :)   (Simon@SimonCallaghanPhotography.com).

If you appear in any of the photographs and would like the picture removed, let me know and we can take it down easily. 

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M+H Trade Show Photographs:

The Photographs!

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