Underpinning Project - Simon Callaghan Photography

JCJ: Underpinning Project

JCJ asked me to photograph an underpinning project.  Having no idea what underpinning was or how to capture it, we went ahead and did it!  The process involves digging out the soft earth around the foundation (dozens of cubic meters) and getting to the lowest part of the structure. The task is to then dig underneath the foundation and add more support, essentially extending the original foundation down further into the ground.

I am reliably informed that digging underneath involves careful planning, clever maths and a lot of patience.  I am also told that without these, the foundations can fail i.e. your house falls down.  Ouch! 

Below is the first set of three photographic sessions. The description underneath should give a vague account of what you're looking at.


For those not in the know (like me) here be a definition of underpinning:

Underpinning -  the process of strengthening a foundation of an existing structure. 

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