Brighton Summit 2015 - Simon Callaghan Photography

A Day for Growing Your Business

The Brighton Summit 2015

The Blurb

"Whatever your business story, the Brighton Summit is made for you. You might be starting out as a freelancer or a CEO. It’s a day for anyone with big ideas that deserve to be made real. It’s a business conference you’ll come away from excited and ready to work.

You’ll be inspired by others’ growth stories and challenged to write your own. This could be the day that changes your future"

The Organisers

This years summit was organised by me; Simon Callaghan. Special thanks to me :-)

Ok not really...but there was a crack team of far more capable operatives who should be thanked:  

Miranda Birch, Bozboz, Louise Boxall, Julia Chanteray, Emma Cleary, Alice Cuninghame, Rob Da Costa, Frances Duncan, Hilary Ellis, Dieter Hachenberg, Emily Hall, Emma Haughton, Franki Martelly, Abby Moreton, Kate Peach, Julie Roff, Nadine Schofield, Nicola Tatum, Gerry Thompson, Sarah Springford, Brian Warren, Lisa Westbury, Jill Woolf, Imogen Mergler

Can I use these photographs!?

Yes! Truth be told I'm of to Peru the day after this event (for a month). So Abby Moreton will play gatekeeper to these photographs! She has the link.

The only caveat crediting moi. Please put a link from your website to my website e.g. 'Photo by Simon Callaghan' is perfect!  But 'Photo by Simon Callaghan' (without a clickable link) is not so great :-( 

Please email me a link to the page on your site with the link-credit - I'll happily review after my travels :-) 

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Brighton Summit 2015 Photographs

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