Brighton Seafront Construction - Simon Callaghan Photography

The Refurbishment People

The Refurbishment People asked me to photograph their large scale, long term project on Brighton Seafront.  This project is part of Brighton & Hove Council's Seafront Strategy to maintain, develop and enhance the area.

Solar Architecture Ltd masterminded the design while Thorne perform heavy duty engineering and construction.  Their staff and all the people on site were extremely friendly and very helpful.

From the beginning I chose to photograph this project in bright sunshine.  Despite harsh light creating dark shadows and blown highlights on a crisp winter day, this development is a seafront project. Brighton & Hove seafront comes to life with blue skies; it felt far more appropriate to capture the development in the same setting as the wider public are to use it. 

The project is both fascinating and hugely challenging to photograph. Capturing such a huge scale operation made up of two dozen smaller projects (each room behind the arches) with few vantage points is certainly tricky. Fortunately the designs were made from beautiful lines and the odd piece of interesting machinery. 

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*c* Simon Callaghan Photography

*c* Simon Callaghan Photography