The Conference 2014 - Simon Callaghan Photography

The Conference 2014

B2B Marketing: Emotional Engagement

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The B2B Synopsis

"We live in an era of industrial marketing – many B2B brands have found their marketing has been mechanised, sanitised, commoditised, homogenised – even brutalised – in an effort to make it fit the needs of today’s always-on digital information culture, where the buyer is in control. But where’s the love for the customer in this approach? Where are the marketing engagements that really cut through and help your audience make an emotional connection with your brand?"

B2B Marketing

This event was organised and run by B2B Marketing. B2B Marketing is a comprehensive information resource for B2B marketers, aiming to promote, educate and inform B2B marketing, B2B marketers and B2B brands.

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Photograph by Simon Callaghan