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Stuff About Me:

That's me to the left (alongside my lovely partner, Briana) tubing it somewhere beneath Barcelona; both ethereally gazing into the lens after a long day touristing. 

Boring Stuff About Me:
Before moving to Sussex, my career has taken me from suburban Cambridge to the bright lights of New York and the grey smog of London. My photography takes me all over the country, with the South coast, London and the midlands the most frequented business visits. The latest life-chapter has me living a stones throw from Brighton beach where I have happily settled down and laid roots.

Connection to Photography:
I have two broad areas of photography; objects that move and objects that stay still. You can check out these speciality areas on the Services page.

For many photographers, the trade of photography is what we love and through it we make our way in the world. It's an evolving skill that develops and improves to keep us on our toes. It requires hard work, investment and some personal sacrifices. But it's worth it.
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